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Stat Index Tab Co. was started in the 2 car garage of Bob and Susie Kellough in January, 1991. The initial plan was to provide "Quick On-Time Delivery" of custom index tabs.  After only 9 months they moved their business to Fairfield, Ohio. In 1997, STAT was out of room in Fairfield, so they purchased a 4,000 sq ft building, on 8 acres in Chillicothe, Ohio. 1999 saw a 7,200 sq ft addition added to the Chillicothe location.

Stat Index has high speed equipment and an experienced work force, with one goal, to provide QUICK, on time delivery of Index Tabs, Tab Dividers, File Folders, and related printed items.

Our Industry continues to evolve, and STAT is changing with it. Lead times continue to shorten, and STAT is poised to meet the changing demands of our industry. We are currently shipping more jobs to all 50 states and Canada.

A word about STAT’s workforce and how we do business. 
Bob & Susie have been blessed with great people to work with. They sincerely care about your business and know our products reflect on you and your business. real person will answer your phone call, although we might be in Production! We know your calls and e-mails are important and time sensitive, so we do our best to answer any questions right then.

Although STAT is now much larger than they had dreamed, their business philosophy remains the same:

  • Treat employees and customers with dignity and respect.
  • Ship a quality product, on time.
  • Know when to say "NO".
  • Treat people the way you want to be treated.

Made in the USA by Americans!