FREE SHIPPING Every order $35 and over*

Our mission is a simple one..... To provide our customers with a quality product in their required time frame at a reasonable price, while earning a reasonable profit. To be a good company to work for and a good company to do business with.

How does STAT accomplish this? Let’s look at some of the key words in our Mission statement.

"Quality product"----Every custom order gets free typesetting, proof, and an order acknowledgement to confirm specifications, and minimize errors.

Once the customer has approved the proof, their products are manufactured on State of the Art, high speed equipment. More important than our equipment, are our co-workers. Unlike some of our competitors, our average employee has over 15 years experience.

"Their required time frame"----In the quoting process we confirm your ship date can be met. STAT is flexible and will rearrange workflow, to meet your ship date. If we can’t, we know when to say "NO", and will tell you what the best possible ship date is. Over 98% of our orders ship on time or early!

"Reasonable Price"----A price structure based upon years of experience and valuable relationships with our vendors and customers. STAT does not make "spot" purchases of random index stocks.

"Reasonable profit"----It is important STAT continues to make a profit. With out this, we cease to exist, our employees are unemployed, and our customers have lost a valuable vendor.

"Good company"----Our underlying principal, from the first day of business has been to Treat people like we want to be treated. That includes customers, co-workers, and vendors. Some examples of this: We don’t have a "phone system".....every phone call is answered by a real person. We might be out in Production, but we sure aren’t in India! We don’t lie to customers, co-workers, or vendors. We don’t agree with the current "flexible ethics", so prevalent in business today.

So that’s how we do business. Quality people dedicated to Quick ON TIME delivery, working with quality customers..... treating them how we want to be treated.